Kaufman Jacobs: Real Estate Investments


Applying a holistic approach to investment activities, KJ manages its assets rather than outsourcing to third parties whenever possible. This hands-on approach enhances the firm’s ability to identify value-add opportunities and increase return on investment.

Team Members

Ali Balducci
Administrative Assistant
Gil Clark, LEED AP, RPA
Asset Manager
Patrick Clifford
Director of Finance
Barbara Fedor
SLD Properties, Manager
Sam Fuchs
Chief Operating Officer
Jennifer Heist, CPA
Erin Hickey, CPA
Staff Accountant
Jackie Kahn
Property Manager
Gerald Kaufman
Senior Managing Partner
Jeremy Kaufman
Chief Executive Officer
Michael L. Kaufman
Director of Analytics
Alan Lagunov
Vice President, Acquisitions
Richie Lim
Senior Financial Analyst
Morgan Matthies
Project Engineer
Jay Patel
Vice President, Acquisitions
Katie Ramirez, CPA
Staff Accountant
Leon Rusinek
Property Engineer
Robert Saunders, CFA
President and CIO
Peter C. Smith
Project Executive, Construction
Eric Touhey
Assistant Project Manager
Jeffrey R. Weck, CCM, CPC
Director of Construction
Lee Winter
Director of Development