Kaufman Jacobs: Real Estate Investments

Firm Profile

From its most stabilized properties to its most complex, Kaufman Jacobs views every asset as a dynamic entity, each requiring energetic hands-on attention to detail from conception to disposition.

a holistic, hands-on approach since 1947

Kaufman Jacobs pursues capital protection and appreciation through the acquisition of undervalued commercial real estate, with emphasis on General Services Administration (GSA) leased assets and complex situations. The firm has a proud tradition of exceptional investment management over its nearly seven-decade history, and has owned and managed tens of millions of square feet of commercial real estate across each of the major asset classes.

Applying a holistic approach to investment activities, KJ manages its assets rather than outsourcing to third parties whenever possible. This hands-on approach enhances the firm’s ability to identify value-add opportunities and increase return on investment. When combined with a focus on proactively meeting tenant needs, the strategy consistently yields high rates of tenant satisfaction and retention, thereby improving investment performance.